Hon. Joseph Albert Quarm MP, Manso Nkwanta writes – Two days left for illegal miners to leave their site

I’m glad these days most Ghanaians are acting as citizens and not spectators. When I started the crusade against illegal mining (galamsey), other school of thought were attacking me because they think that we must provide them with jobs before we stop them.

The question is, even if it’s not illegal,how can one’s business destroy water bodies, forest reserves, cocoa trees which is the nation’s economic trees, and rob Ghana of billions of dollars every year without paying tax. Even with impunity they kill innocent Ghanaians who challenge them with guns and also leave their areas of degraded lands uncovered with pool of water that breed mosquitoes which cause malaria as the dominant disease in Ghana.

They pollute our water bodies with Mercury with its associated health problems because Mercury is a poisonous chemical.

Just as you see Ghana being robbed with ghost names on payrolls, so is our nation being robbed with its natural resources in broad day light.

Illegal miners succeeded in destroying our water bodies that affected both akosombo and bui dams which produce power as our major source of power.

Their money laundering because of their act of illegality destroy the strength of our cedi. Now thank God with barely a month of issuing the ultimatum by Honourable minister of lands and natural resources for them to stop galamsey, the strength of our cedi against the dollar is rising.

Two days left for illegal miners to leave their site.

We are on course with more alternative livelihoods to assist support our brothers and sisters in the mining communities to sustain their livelihoods.
Also there is the need for land reclamation of these degraded mine sites to put these lands into to productive uses.

Never again should we allow illegal Chinese miners to destroy our motherland.
Yet I have developed
some proposals to strictly regulate small scale mining should in case Ghanaians want to still do mining in a more environmentally friendly way.
Again we should look for more investors to develop our large scale mining areas to create more jobs for Ghanaians.
Happy Easter.

Hon. Joseph Albert Quarm MP, Manso Nkwanta constituency


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