Hon.George Boakye Has Not Engaged In Any Fraudulent Activity – Concern Youth Of Asunafo South

We have read a supposed letter emanating from the office of the UK HIGH COMMISSION which was addressed to the Speaker Of Parliament indicting *Hon.George Boakye* for a Visa Fraud.

We were totally abashed when we read the letter and we are sorry to say that,it was fraught with mischief and arbitrariness- which dents the hard earned reputation of him. We are saying emphatically that *Hon.George Boakye* has not engaged in any fraudulent activity so far as the Laws of this country and that of UK are concerned.

The facts of this misleading letter(in the case of *Hon.George Boakye*) are as follows;

I) *Hon.George Boakye* became an MP for Asunafo South from 2008-2012.

II) *Hon.George Boakye* went to UK with her daughter on 17th January,2013;by then He wasn’t a Member of Parliament.

III) *Hon.George Boakye* didn’t use a Diplomatic Passport(as it is stated in the letter), but used his own Ghanaian Passport with the number H1050729.
IV) *Hon.George Boakye* used the appropriate and legitimate procedure to acquire the Visa through the UK High Commission when traveling with her daughter.

V)The daughter of *Hon.George Boakye* we are talking about is 37years of age. I repeat *Joyce Boakye* is 37years of age.

VI) *Hon.George Boakye* returned on the stipulated time but wasn’t able to come back with his daughter;for reasons they explained to the Embassy when she came back and he went to the High Commission with her.

Let’s also bear in mind ,a lady of 37years of age has the right to make her own decisions,Article 14(1)E of our Constitution is explicitly clear on this. She is entitled to her own decisions and her father can’t be held legally responsible for her actions and inactions.
With these facts,its mind boggling that the High Commission has come out to say that this Honorable man has engaged in a visa fraud. And for them to go a step further to say that,the High Commission has banished him from entering the UK for 10years,is something that we can’t fathom and of which we are going to contest in a Court Of Law.

We want the UK High Commission to come again on this issue and state the facts as they are;devoid of mischief and arbitrariness. We are looking forward to an unqualified apology and a retraction of the 10year banishment from the High Commission.

The UK High Commission should note that,it would be unacceptable on our part to sit aloof and allow them to destroy the hard earned reputation of *Hon.George Boakye* when he hasn’t done anything contrary to the Laws of the land.
Nana Aduse Poku
Aide of Hon. George Boakye

Ernest Opoku Gyamfi

Sakyi Bismark

Fada B
(050 522 4030)
Albert Forkuo