Hon.Comfort Darbo Eulogises Former Late UN Secretary General

The Assemblywoman for Tepa-Dwaaho in the Ahafo Ano North Municipality in the Ashanti Region Honourable Comfort Darbo has eulogised former UN for living an impactful life.

In a write up to convey her message this is what she sought to say:

As I visited the funeral grounds of the late Kofi Annan, I was interviewed by some media persons asking me why I decided to join the burial service of the late former UN Secretary General Mr. Kofi Atta Annan. In my response I told them I came there to pay my last respect to the legend and to the African star. He was one person I respected so much as a young leader and he was my mentor. He inspired me a lot as a Ghanaian, an African and as a young lady who wants to accomplish something for myself and for the world.

I am so much motivated by his life’s achievements the man who was born a Ghanaian, started his basic, secondary and tertiary education all in Ghana which means he wasn’t a super human he was the same person like any of us. His life story proofs to me that we can all make it irrespective of where and what school or our place of birth in Ghana.
I am therefore using this opportunity to encourage the youth and the people of this country that we will never say die until we achieve and conquer, again, to our younger siblings who are getting the benefit of the free high school should take it seriously because it is only education which creates equal opportunities.

Furthermore, I was asked some of the challenges I am facing as a youth assembly woman, I told them the challenges are not just about me but the entire assembly members in country but then the situation becomes worst when you are a woman since the expectations become high. Its obvious women are now fighting for higher representations in the districts assemblies therefore during elections we work so hard to convince the electorates to give us the mandate to make difference from the male dominated which increases voters’ expectations but to me is almost the same because assembly members in Ghana are not resourced nor motivated enough to execute our promises.

I pray the government responds to our plights especially the elected assembly women to increase women representation and also enrich decentralization and local development in the country.