Heartfelt sympathy to affected players and technical team in yesterday’s gory accident -NCC

Lubish compassion we do express as consolement to all in Asante Kotoko Fraternity.

Sincerely, this dark day in its real world has devastingly corroded the comeliness of the family. We stay resolute, however.

Sorrowful regards to the family of our dearest brother and friend but mannerly remind them that : God has assured us of a better place, life after here and certainly your son has a place there.

A dedicated and hardworking soul of the family has departed to the other world where it is believed special souls like his go for special eternal bliss. Withhold your tears and prop unyielding !, though heart-wrenching.

The National Circles Council  (NCC) assures all in the technical front as well as players slightly or deeply injured and guarantee them of our utmost support in all needed terms. Count on us !

We take this opportunity to also thank the President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo, the Ministry of Sports, GFA, PLB and GHALCA for their support and kindness during this difficult time of our dear Club.

All stakeholders of our great club are kindly urged to face this difficult trying moment as we trust our faith in God.

God strengthen all.

Kwaku Amponsah
(Executive Chairman- NCC)