All hail John Boadu,The General Secretary(AG) of the NPP

When the New Patriotic Party (NPP) needed someone to take charge of its national organization for victory 2016, you were there for the party. When the NPP needed a fine communicator to expose the ills of the then John Mahama government and sell its campaign message to the Ghanaian electorates, you were there for the party. When the NPP needed someone to take charge of its entire Campaign Operations for election 2016, you were there for the party.

When the NPP suspended its General Secretary in the midst of seemingly unending crisis and needed someone to fill that big shoe, you were there for the party. When the NPP needed a competent, committed and loyal person to head its administrative secretariat, you were there for the party. When the NPP was only making negative headlines in the media and needed to come out from this quagmire, you provided the way for the party.

When the NPP needed leadership to unite its rank and file for victory 2016, you were there for the party and provided that kind of leadership. When the NPP became unattractive to the discerning/floating voter, you came in and changed this narrative. When the NPP needed peace, you provided them peace. When the NPP needed hope, you provided them hope. And ultimately, when the NPP needed victory in the 2016 elections, you were there for the party.

Today, because of your hard work, which was, of course, complemented by the illustrious works of others, the NPP is in power and H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo is the President of Ghana. And because of this, the Ghanaian dream is being realized as the good people of this country are seeing prosperity everywhere. Prosperity, by way of free SHS, restoration of allowances, removal of taxes, agriculture boost, job creation, stabilization and formalization of the Ghanaian economy among several others.

What can we say but to celebrate you especially on the occasion of your birthday, JOHN BOADU. We wish you the very best in life, particularly in your political career as you seek to lead the NPP as the substantive General Secretary. There is every justification for you to go unopposed, just like your hardworking colleague, Sammi Awuku but anyone who has the balls to contest you, hurray! let them come; after all, the NPP is a democratic party.

But what I cannot understand in respect of the conduct of your critics, is their claim that you don’t have the gravitas to lead the NPP as General Secretary, perhaps, because you are not a lawyer, an academic doctor or a professor. How incongruous and pathetic! So John Boadu qualifies to be our General Secretary to lead the party from opposition to government but now that we are in government, the position of general secretary doesn’t fit him right? Is that their understanding of SOCIAL JUSTICE which underpins the NPP? Then, God save us.

Well, they are free to say whatever they want to say or do whatever they want to do but I, would on any day, reward hard work, commitment and loyalty and I humbly call on you to do same because that is the principle every progressive mind associates with. And by that, let us support the hardworking tried and tested result-oriented JOHN BOADU as the GENERAL SECRETARY of the NPP to continue his good works for the love of God; the love of country; and the love of party.