Government Neglects Stephen’s Presby Senior High/Technical School

St Stephen’s Presbyterian Senior/Technical School was established in the year 1978 by the late Nana Asafo Agyei “Founder” in the East Akim Municipality of the Eastern region .

The Board of Governors of the school, the parent-Teacher Association,the School Management,(STEPSS), the Traditional Leaders, Old Students and the entire Community of Asiakwa and other Enclaves in the constituency wish to Draw the attention of the government to intervene.The chairman of the parent-Teacher Association and a member of the school Board Nana Agyekumhene Banin , speaking to the TWENEBOAH KODUAH KESSBEN TV Eastern regional correspondent , Said, the school has been in existence for 40 year as a private institution of which this assistance is being sought is currently a full pledged public Senior High /Technical Mixed Boarding Institution with a Boarding status in the year 2013.

According to Nana Agyekumhene St Stephen’s Presbyterian senior high/Technical School is totally deprived in terms of Infrastructure and other developmental needs. He said, with the computerization School Selection and placement System (CSSPS) the number of students keeps Appreciating hence our appeal for assistance in order to adequately cater for some of the pressing needs and also attractive as a choice for students to pursue Academic programmes.

According to the PTA Chairman, St Stephen’s Presbyterian senior high Technical School was upgraded and given a Boarding status for both male and female since the year 2013 /2014 Academic year but ever since such status was given , the school cannot specifically and boldly Boast of any Project except a Boys Dormitory built in 2015 for which they recommend the government for that.

Nana Agyekumhene Banin stressed that, An old Woodwork shop which was converted and partitioned into Several Components serves them as Headmaster’s Office, Assistant Headmaster’s Office, The Accountant’s Office, The accounting Department , The Store for all goods for the school, The Administration Office as well as Registry and two class rooms. He Further said, This is the scene that catches any visitor to the school at first sight. He said, the institution which is well-planned within the Municipality has a large land area of 80.06 acres (Eighty point zero acres ) offered free of charge by the Founder Nana Asafo Agyei for any future development . He said, the government would not have any difficulty in expanding and implementing any Academic project for the Community and the entire Nation as a whole. In conclusion , Nana Agyekumhene Banin disclosed that students safety are also not guaranteed , because Students use to create their own way in the school and move to town and other places because there is no wall fencing the school. So out of all these circumstances , The Board of Governors, Nananom, parent-Teacher Association Old Students and the entire Community feel’s Rejected and neglect in terms of Infrastructure as compared to to Schools like Abusco ,Opass, Sectec and the rest. He said they are appealing to The government to come to their aid.