Controversial gospel musician and popular worship leader Bro. Sammy, in a video, claims to have some kind of liquid mixture which cures most kind of infection and diseases including HIV AIDS.

In the video, Brother Sammy is seen demonstrating how three kinds of liquid can be put together to heal the diseases he had mentioned. He poured a liquid which he claims was ”DDT” into a glass containing water and later poured a little amount of his said healing water (divine healing water) in the mixture claiming it was the most effective of all the liquids.
According to him, the divine healing water comes in two colors; red and white.

He said the liquid mixture can heal diseases like HIV AIDS, Cancer, Liver, Asthma, Pressure, Gonorrhea, Kidney and hypertension.

He is been criticized lately on social media for his “barbaric act” as people are saying it is one of his fake ways to retrieve money from poor and ignorant people.

Bro Sammy has come out to reply his critics saying “they will need him one day when they get infected with HIV.”

“In Ghana people will always talk about you no matter what. If an European do something we’re cool but for a Ghanaian, hell no! Regardless sit on Facebook and insult me. You’ll definitely run to me when you’re infected with HIV someday.”

By: kessbenfm.com