Goodwill Message to 2017 NPP National Delegates Conference -Women’s Organiser hopeful, Western Region

As the New Patriotic Party holds its mandatory annual delegates conference from 25-27 August 2017, I wish to send this *Goodwill Message* to all the delegates and, in particular, the women.

It is our hope that as the party’s highest decision making body deliberates on possible amendments and takes vital decisions, the interest of women would be of paramountcy.

Our President, Nana Akuffo Addo, has made tremendous strides to debunk the myth covering women’s inferiority with concerted efforts to encourage women’s participation in political activities in the country.

Although women in our party (NPP) have seen considerable improvement, they are still widely marginalised within the corridors of power and continue to face social exclusion.

A country like Rwanda has been noted for its success in ensuring meaningful proposition of women in their political and economic participation. The recently held parliamentary elections handed women an overwhelming majority in Rwanda’s Parliament – an unprecedented 64 per cent of the seats in the chamber. NPP, and Ghanaians for that matter, should emulate this positive example and hail our women as we also strive to be the best human resources for party and country.

_I stand for women empowerment_

_I stand for progress_

_I stand for development in freedom_

Yaa Jossy
Western Regional Women’s Organiser hopeful