Ghanaians trapped in xenophobic attacks in South Africa

The re-emergence of xenophobic attacks in South Africa has resulted in several Ghanaian and foreign nationals domiciled in most cities of South Africa, especially Johannesburg and Pretoria, locked up in their homes and unable to go about their normal business activities, Kofi Boahen, secretary of the Ghanaian community in that country, has said.

According to him, locals have petitioned the South African government to address the takeover of economic activities meant for citizens by aliens, failing which they would intensify attacks on foreigners.

He added that they have threatened to make the attacks nationwide should their concerns not be addressed immediately.

The leadership of the Ghanaian community together with those from other foreign nations have written to the police in South Africa over the matter who have accordingly assured them of the security arrangement in place to protect them, Mr Boahen revealed in an interview with Accra News on Thursday February 23.

He said: “For us in Cape Town we have not witnessed such situation yet but we have picked up signals that they will be attacking us and other foreign nationals here tomorrow 24th February. Their reason is that we have taken over their jobs and so they have petitioned the South African government against that. They have given the government up to the close of today Thursday February 23, and if nothing is done about it then they will start attacking us tomorrow.

“The attacks have started in Johannesburg and Pretoria, but as we speak today, nothing of that sort is happening in Cape Town. I have spoken to the police officers on the matter and they have assured that they will meet us and tell us the security arrangement in place.

“We are in constant touch with our compatriots in Pretoria and Johannesburg, we have formed a WhatsApp group where we share information. They have told us that they are unable to go out to conduct business.”