Ghanaians Are Thankful To GOD for Victory 2016 – Mary Posch-Oduro

An Aspiring National Treasurer of the ruling NPP Government Madam Mary Posch-Oduro has stated that victory 2016 that was chalked by the NPP exactly a year ago 7th December, 2016-was a divine intervention by God and that Ghanaian are most grateful and thankful to the almighty God.

“The 2016 victory was not just an NPP Victory. Our victory was a victory for all especially the ordinary Ghanaian and therefore, we Ghanaians are most grateful and thankful to the almighty God for delivering us from the economic shackles during the 8 years rule of NDC government”. Madam Mary Posch-Oduro extolled.

The National Treasurer hopeful also commended His Excellency Nana Addo, the Vice, the National Executives and all patriots especially the grassroots for the various sterling roles they played in ensuring that the Party won the 2016 elections. She also strongly commended the critical roles and support that the External Branches gave to the Party.

Madam Mary Posch-Oduro was particularly happy to be assigned to an orphan constituency- Dormaa West in the Brong-Ahafo Region which the Party won in the Parliamentary Seat.

She has called on all Ghanaians especially the Party to lend their unflinching support for the President and His appointees as they lay a solid foundation for a smooth economic take off for all to enjoy the promises made by the Party.

Mary Posch with Hon. Ali Maiga

Mama Mary in a pose with Parliamentary Candidate Ali Maiga the results was declared

“I have a strong believe and conviction that His Excellency the President will surely fulfil all our campaign promises. The signs and indicators are on the walls. They are very positive and inspiring. I am very optimistic that next year we will see a drastic economic acceleration and transformation in all sectors of the economy. Yes, there are challenges but the good news is that the government is fast fixing and smoothening the rough edges. Very soon the expectations of the silent grassroots majority that voted us into office would be met”. Our collective result would be resulted. As we celebrate our 1st year in office, we should always remember the battle was of the Lord and our reign will surely be of the lord’s. She assures.


Nana Addo congratulating Mama Mary for her loyalty and support

Madam Mary Posch-Oduro has been a staunch member of the Party since 1992 and had actively been involved in all Party’s activities including frontline electioneering campaigns across the country since 1993. She has held many executive positions including Founding National Treasurer and National Organizing Secretary of the Germany Branch of the Party.


Mama Mary campaigning in cocoa farm at Dormaa West

Due to her unquestioned commitment and loyalty to the Party, Currently, she has been appointed to serve on a three member Electoral Committee that will organize and supervise the External Branch Elections in Germany-one of the most resourceful Branch of the Party.

Many Party Faithfuls see her inclusion in the National Executive Body as very timely and strategic as the Treasury needs a new face with new commitment to resource mobilization and effective allocation for Party work at all levels. She is indeed coming to mobilize to energize the Party for victory 2020.

Elliot Apreku Asante