Ghanaian musicians should invest more like Nigerians – Obiba Sly

Veteran Ghanaian musician, Obiba Sly Collins has stated categorically that the woes in the lives of some musicians in Ghana currently are as a result of lack of proper investments.

Obiba, who was on Atinka FM’s Tete Dwom show, with Roman Fada last Saturday, explained that most Nigerian musicians enjoy luxurious lives because they do more investments.

“Most of the old musicians made big mistakes by not investing in other businesses, and you can see it has caused some of them. When you go to Nigeria, they do a lot of investments. At least, you can put a little at the bank if not at all.”

He, therefore, advised the current generation to learn from the past mistakes and try to do more investments at this time of their peak.

“Look at the door you knocked sometime ago and how you struggled before entering. At this moment that you are at your peak, try to put something somewhere cos no condition is permanent.”

However, Obiba admitted that music has offered him a lot in life by taking him to places and introducing him as well to famous individuals both at home and abroad.

Credit: Atinka News