Ghanaian Gospel Music Lacks Talents – Steve Boat

Gospel music became one of the fastest growing genres in Ghana after gaining its prominence in the 80s.

After gaining prominence, less or no attention has been given to the kind, the content and the timing of the songs been released. Some industry players in time pass raised concerns on the way gospel music is heading and one of such people to share the same concern is gospel musician, Steve Boat.

Steve Boat is of the opinion that gospel music has now become a refuge for any artist who does not have ‘talent’ but wants something to survive on.

According to him, the gospel fraternity keeps losing its image because investors are refusing to invest due to the shoddy works produced.

Speaking in an interview on Music Plus aired on Kessben Tv, the ‘To Gu’ hit maker said, “Ghana gospel music is doing ok, but my worry is that you can see there are a lot of people doing gospel now that is easy to tell they are not musicians. They have no passion for music, but some of them are making waves because they have the money or people to support them with money, so they get air time and make the trends” he bemoaned.

He stated that the Ghana gospel fraternity is seeing no serious improvement because the majority of gospel musicians thrive on copying and pasting other musicians work.

“Our generation has a problem, they don’t put enough work in their music, you listen to songs from two different artists and you realize they are all the same, is just copying and pasting”

“Despite that, there are other artists like O.J, Mark Anim, Bernice Ofei just to mention a few who are doing well and putting Ghana on the map.” he stated.

Steve Boat is out with a video to his single titled ‘To Gu’.


By: Ofori