Ghana Can’t Be Transformed Overnight :Michael Kessey

Undoubtedly, it is a fact that “to whom much is given, much is expected” and as such the greatest expectation of Ghanaians who willingly voted massively for the then NPP presidential candidate Nana Akufo Addo to take the mantle from the then sitting president John Dramani Mahama would be able to transform Ghana in his few years in the reins of power. I am tempted to believe what the former president (JDM) said that “Ghanaians have short memory” is true and if Ghana was in a good state under his NDC administration Ghanaians wouldn’t have booted them out of power.
The unprecedented results emanated from the 7th December, 2016 general elections where the sitting president who had all the state resources at his disposal was given a technical knockout proved that Ghanaians were fed up with leadership paralysis and kwashiorkor that has led this nation into abyss to a point of crossing the Rubicon.
It is sad some Ghanaians have deliberately decided to create an impression to the general public the nation’s development which was bad and there was nothing to write home about under the NDC poor administration is now worse off under the most brilliant political thinker ( Nana Akufo Addo ) who promises and delivers.
It’s worrisome these self-styled Political detractors are wearing wood spectacles so they cannot see the good initiatives going on under a competent government. We have been making statements like “Rome was not built in a day” and “nothing good comes easy” and yet we expect mother Ghana which have been destroyed for almost a decade to be transformed overnight.
Ghana would have been a true middle –income country if not for the fact that we had bad managers who took delight in amassing wealth for themselves and their families at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaians.

If God the supreme being himself did not use just a day to create the World and all that is in it, then it means he wants to take his time to create something that will be beautiful, perfect and everlasting. Ghanaians who are putting undue pressure on this caring government must understand a journey of a thousand miles begin with a step and even in life it will get worse before it gets better.
Ghanaians should be thankful to God for given them a compassionate president who had the nation and the citizenry at heart, and he is ready to serve his people and motherland even though the country he inherited was in a bizarre circumstances. Discerning Ghanaians will attest to the fact that under the eight year regime of the NDC government every sector of our economy was malfunction and same cannot be said under the current government.
All over the world economic growth is triggered by sound economic policies initiated and implemented by visionary and competent leaders who can pull the strings to turn the fortunes of the citizens to the path of growth. These policies serve as a link to addressing the most essential needs of the people and framework that propels all other interrelated sectors of the economy into opportunities for businesses to flourish and creating job opportunities for all. The president has shown clearly it has what it takes to create the enabling environment for private businesses to flourish to be able to help solve the unemployment challenges faced us.
More so, Ghanaians would attest to the fact that we now have an incorruptible and competent leader in the person of Nana Akufo Addo with the support of his good apostles have been able to breathe life into every sector of our economy which was made to go waste under the lazy and incompetent NDC government to the benefit of all Ghanaians in less than one year six months.
Undoubtedly, the current government and his officials have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they have colour, style, ambience, aura, charisma, courage and experience to look for lasting solutions to problems confronting us as a nation. An example is the solution to our energy crisis which haunted us for over four years and collapsed Corporate entities to the extent that many workers were laid off. Under this government the days of “Dumsor” are over and Ghanaians have had stable light. The effects of “Dumsor” having to collapse many local industries have brought untold hardships on many Ghanaians have now been resolved by this government.

With regards to unemployment situation in Ghana in the era of the NDC’s bad governance which led us to tie a rope on our neck on IMF for policy credibility which put embargo on employing the unemployed graduates who have to work and earn a living and who will grow to run the manpower of this nation. It may interest Ghanaians to know that NPP came and extended the same IMF policy and had been able to employ most of the trained nurses and other personnel at the various government institutions.
The president for the love of the unemployed youth has also brought on board a good program known as NABCO to help them get something doing since he knows that “the devil finds work for the idle hands”. He has made sure the package they will take home every month is even better than salaries given to the banking industry if not for the allowances they get aside that. This is a hallmark for greater achievement.
The education sector which was made to rot and decay under the NDC government who thought when the younger generation is well educated will be so enlightened to the extent that their diabolic and powerful tool – propaganda cannot be used to throw dust into their eyes into voting for them to come back to power again.
The president believes that education is the modern vehicle that can send us to our destination and also the only weapon for the rich and poor to break even took a bold decision to hurriedly start the most expensive campaign promise which is the Free Senior High School.
Today the pressure on parents to secure credit facility before their wards can go to the Senior High School is no more and it has also eased the pressure on Pastors, Imams, Family heads, Parliamentarians and other government Appointees. Textbooks, Exercise books, School uniforms and other materials for students have been provided and Day students are enjoying a meal daily.
This year’s BECE candidate’s registration fee was paid by this good government. The Capitation Grants for heads of Basic Schools which was made to lie dormant under NDC administration increased to enable them help their teachers to work effectively towards the growth and development of Ghana’s education.
The School Feeding programme has also been expanded from about 4,881 to 5,528 institutions. Allowances of Teacher trainees and trainee nurses which were cancelled by the previous government have been restored. Government has released Ghc 285,304,109.00 to offset arrears of the School feeding programme for 2017 and an additional amount of GHC 423,930,000.00 has also been allocated to sustain the programme for this year.

The Agricultural sector of the economy which is the live-wire of the country was left to rot during NDC regime to the extent that we had to import foodstuffs from Burkina Faso who in terms of fertile land come nowhere near Ghana. Today same cannot be said under the current leadership because of its good intervention of planting for food for jobs which has engaged about 500,000 farmers.
The National Health Insurance policy which was brought on by the NPP administration to face out cash and carry system was at the verge of collapsing under the NDC administration. Ghanaians should be thankful to God for given us a kind-hearted leader who is much more interested in making sure the welfare of his people is 100% intact. Arrears of service providers have been taken care of by this government to sustain it to the benefit of Ghanaians.
He believes sport is a source of employment that is why he has allocated about GHC 46 m to the Sports Ministry for sports development in the country. Government intends to constructing new stadia in other parts of the region and has also made sure Accra Sports Stadium which was in a deplorable state under the previous government who looked indifferent about the welfare of football loving fans is renovated to avoid unforeseen circumstances. He has also invested in Juvenile sports to breed the youth in the sporting field.
Let’s shun NDC’s propaganda and look at the good works this government is embarking and exercise a little bit of patience for President Akufo Addo and his apostles to be able to use their vision to transform Ghana beyond Aid. God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.

Source:Michael Kessey – Asawasi Constituency