GAPHTO Holds Its 2019 First NEC Meeting in Kumasi

The Ghana Association of Public Health Technical Officers (GAPHTO) which is the backbone of Public Health with over thousands of its members across the country serving in both remote and urban areas in the country has had their first National Executive Council (NEC) meeting for 2019 at Splendor hotel in Kumasi on 26th and 27th January.

One would imagine how measles, Yellow Fever, Acute flaccid Paralysis (AFP) among others have been reduced to the barest and deaths from measles no longer a threat to Ghanaian children. This has been the result of the hard work of these officers across the country over the years. Less attention has been given to this group albeit the hard work. The new leadership however has emphasized members should continue to carry out their official duties without relent and that a day will come the President, Minister of Health, the Director General and the entire Ghanaian community will recognize their efforts and be rewarded accordingly.

Major issues raised and discussed at length included Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) registration and renewal by its members across the country. Members argued that while some members are not bonded by that ACT others who completed school many years before the inception or enactment of that ACT should be allowed to register freely without writing any exams which they perceived was an infringement. The leadership has therefore petitioned the minister of health and if no favorable response is heard any soon they will proceed to the Presidency.

On the Welfare of members the leadership entreated its regional branches across the country to continue to rally behind each other in terms of bereavement, retirement amongst others and insisted they should go strictly according to their regional bylaws. Other issues included the delay in promotion of some of the members and while even been promoted, it takes many months before they are paid their promotion salaries.


GAPHTO facility for further studies..
The association also set up a loan scheme to assist members who are in distress while in school or may want to further their education but have difficulties or sourcing funds to further their studies. The National treasurer took all participants through the processes involved in acquiring such a facility. The President encouraged regional executives to create a database of all members in their regions to help avoid deducting non-members of the association.
Source: Star of Afrika News