Gambian Business Magnate Muhammed Jah Wants To Set Up A TV Station In Gambia!

Gambian business magnate Muhammed Jah, is vigorously working on setting up a television station in the Gambia, sources familiar with the story have told the Freedom Newspaper.  Mr. Jah, who is a Gambian billionaire, was recently in Senegal, to discuss with Alhagie Njie, the proprietor of DSTV2 television about the possibilities of Mr. Njie offering him with the necessary technical and professional expertise in setting up a TV station in the Gambia. This was during dictator Yahya Jammeh’s rule, sources said.

According to sources, Mr. Njie flew from Dakar, to Banjul, where he conducted a feasibility study about Mr. Jah’s proposed TV. For some reasons, our sources said Mr. Jah, couldn’t obtain the TV license while dictator Jammeh, was steering the wheel of the state. Hence, which led to the delay in setting up the TV station, our source said.

Source said it was Muhammed Jah, who contracted DSTV2 to cover president Adama Barrow’s inauguration, which coincided with Gambia’s 52nd independence anniversary. DSTV2 was paid an unspecified amount of money by Jah to cover the occasion, our sources intimate.

Reports also have it that the government contributed financially in facilitating DSTV 2 coverage. We couldn’t independently confirm the veracity of the said report. Transition government officials could not be reached to confirm the veracity of the said report.

Mr. Jah, has in the past donated cars and other gifts to the former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. He was in Jammeh’s good books, until the dictator fall from grace. He is now extending similar gestures to the new government.

Mr. Jah could not be reached for comment.


source: freedom newspaper