Ga East MCE Graces 87th Birthday Celebrations of Nii Abokobi

Nii Samuel Adjetey Mohenu, Chief of Abokobi, popularly referred to us “Nii Abokobi”, on Monday, 23rd September, 2019, marked his 87th Birthday with a quiet but beautiful and joyous celebration at his palace at Abokobi.
The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Ga East Municipal Assembly (GEMA), Hon. Janet Tulasi, graced the occasion as the Special Guest of Honour with the Presiding Member (PM), Hon. Jesse Nii Noi Anum and Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD), Mr. Matthew Tay, in her company.
A humbling experience and feature of Nii Abokobi’s 87th birthday celebration was the involvement of about thirty (30) Aged, 80 years and above, who, according to Nii Abokobi, were invited to celebrate his special day with him as part of his initiative to entertain and give a sense of belonging to the Aged whose children are not living with them or are alone.
“The main idea behind this party is that I did not intend to do a (flamboyant) birthday party but I thought of the old of age and I thought of people who are staying alone by now, who are not having their children around them like me and thought that it is good to remember them and call them to have a short time with them so that they can relax”, Nii Abokobi explained.
Among the celebrants were members of his family including his first child and daughter, among his seven (7) children (five daughters and two sons), Ms. Winifred Mohenu, who resides in London, United Kingdom (UK) and came purposely for the birthday and second child and son, Mr. James Mohenu (residing in Ghana) as well as his cousin, Mr. Daniel Ben Carl Mohenu.
Nii Samuel Adjetey Mohenu became the Chief of Abokobi in 1997 and has remained on the throne, for which the occupant has no lineage and not tied to any paramountcy in Ghana but elected and enthroned by the Session of the Presbyterian Church in Abokobi, in like manner to what pertains in Vatican (Rome, Italy), partly the reason for the nickname, Abokobi, “The Vatican City” of Ghana.
Speaking to GEMANEWS after the celebration, Nii Abokobi shared his secret to long life and advised the youth on how they can maintain good and healthy living.
“You have to respect your body and don’t do the things your body doesn’t like. I like walking and listening to gospel and classical music. I try to be a dedicated Christian (with Presbyterian doctrine). The Bible tells us what to do and what not to do – discipline – and if we have discipline and obey the instructions of the Bible, you will live long”, Nii Abokobi advised.
The Ga East Municipal Assembly (GEMA) wishes Nii Abokobi a Glorious and Blessed Happy 87th Birthday! We ask for God’s continuous protection and sustenance for him and his family as well as all the Aged who marked his special day with him. Amen!

By: Okunyin Boaz Orlan-Hackman