Free SHS Can face challenges : ‘Don’t kill it with ‘Useless’ Demonstrations -Minister

The Upper West Regional Minister, Hon. Sulemana Alhassan has stated that the implementation of every good policy is bound to face some challenges at the initial stages but until the policy is rolled out, one will not be able to fish out the challenges adding that the ability of a government to deal with the challenges as they come out is what differentiate the NPP from the NDC.

According the minister, the FREE SHS policy just like any other government policy is bound to face some challenges at the initial stage of it’s implementation but added that the Akufo-Addo led government will deal with the challenges as and when they surface calling on the students not to result to unnecessary demonstrations and disturbance of public peace because of the challenges that come with the initial implementation of the free SHS.

“The president is giving everything to you for free. But there are two things that the president cannot give to you for free. One is discipline. You have a duty as students to be self disciplined. Be disciplined enough not to results to useless demonstrations and disturbance of public peace because the food your school served you wasn’t enough or the chairs you are sitting on is broken. Do not kill this fantastic program with indiscipline and useless demonstrations.” He said.

“Again, the president cannot give you hardwork for free. It is incumbent on you as beneficiaries to learn hard and make the program successful. The whole world is watching how the first batch of the free SHS policy will perform academically. You need to learn hard to prove to everybody that the free SHS has indeed taking burdens out of your neck and you are studying to show appreciation to the policy”. He added.

Hon. Sulemana Alhassan was speaking after a walk dubbed ‘Barika for Free SHS’ at the Upper West Regional Capital (Wa) organised by a pro-NPP group known as Patriotic Ambassadors of Upper West.

The walk was meant to thank the NPP government for the implementation of it’s FREE SHS policy.


On his part, Mr. Kamal-Deen Abdulai, the National Nasara Coordinator of the ruling NPP said the people of Upper West have done a yeoman’s job and he is proud to be sending a good report to the Jubilee House that the people of Upper West have expressed appreciation to the president for the free SHS policy.


Meanwhile, a form one student of the Wa Senior High School, Biaka Nigamsua Theresa who spoke on behalf of the Free SHS beneficiaries thanked the president for the opportunity given to them to attend SHS for free.
She assured the government that they will work hard to pass their examination and promised the regional minister that they will be discipline enough not to bring any negative news to the Upper West.


The regional Minister after addressing the people endorsed the candidature of Kamal-Deen Abdulai for the National Youth Organiser contest. Kamal-Deen, the national Nasara Coordinator is contesting to become the next National Youth Organiser of the ruling party. The regional minister who could not hide his joy for seeing Kamal-Deen travel all the way to Wa for the walk introduced him to the people as the next youth organiser of the party. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, it is in my honour to introduce to you our Next National Youth Organiser Insha-Allah, Kamal-Deen Abdulai.’ He said before ending his speech.


Kwasi Frimpong