Former TEIN Prez pledges support for Joseph Yammin

A former President for the Kumasi Polytechnic Chapter of NDC Youth wing, TEIN has called for certain active members of the party to be recognized.

In what seemed to be a tribute to the former Deputy Ashanti regional minister; Joseph Yammin, Peter Acheampong Nkrumah Nimako encouraged the party to take a critical look at his contribution to the fortunes of the party and grass roots membership and give him a befitting recognition.

He gives accounts of how Joseph Yammin made it a point to help their administration and others succeed despite the negligence of other party officers.

“Joseph Yammin helped Kumasi Poly TEIN to raise funds for the running of the Association….. Where was the Regional Youth Organizer?”

Among other things, Joseph Yammin is praised for helping students with their admissions, National Service postings which became problematic and employment among several others.


“I pledge my unflinching support for “BRING BACK JOSEPH YAMMIN” because unlike others who have sharp teeth,  are inhumane, extremely greedy and use their positions to acquire wealth for their personal aggrandizement; JOSEPH YAMMIN is a True, Loyal & Humane Comrade”, he said.