Football coaching tips for coaches and players -Penetration and back-line defending

To every sporting discipline there is a specific technique or tactics coaches and participants must know in order to achieve the desired results to make their loving fans happy. Undoubtedly, football has become the most attractive discipline widely watched all over the world. I would like to use this medium to help our coaches and players to be fully abreast with the technicalities in football to enable them achieve good results in matches they play.

There are two main tactics I would like to help our coaches to adopt to help their players to be tactically discipline in matches they play. Penetration and backline defending tactics is very vital in football. It is true the best way to defend is to attack, but attacking without being cautious will be disastrous and as such it is imperative for coaches to tune the mindset of their backline players by mapping up a strategy that will help them defend effectively.

It would be disastrous for a team that is looking for penetration in the opponent’s half to find a shooting space to score a goal if it fails to manage its backline properly to stop a counter attack movement from the opposing team.

Our coaches must try as much as possible to build the mindset of their backline players to adopt a good strategy to prevent their opponents from scoring. The backline tactics is to inform coaches to train their players to be alert at all times in reacting quickly to dispose their opponent off the ball. They have to be swift to prevent the attacking player with vim and vigour from shooting.

In attacking and redrawing situations, dashing into empty spaces is necessary. Many tacticians in modern soccer playing plan trains their players, most especially players with high speed to run to empty spaces which make it tricky to take off the attention of the less concentrated defense to pave way for their teammates to score quick goals. I strongly believe if coaches and players adopt this strategy they will be able to create a lot of goal scoring opportunity to win their games.

Prepared by Coach J.O. Amponsah & Michael Kessey (0243475197/ 0507082677)