Flush these destroyers out of our game – Michael Kessey

It’s disheartening and pathetic to see Ghana blessed with lots of talented footballers and yet our football looks like a full grown old man struggling to walk upright when it comes to development. The Ghanaian football was appreciably high in the olden days until the influx of unqualified player managers or agents whose activities have become a draw back to the growth and development of our local football and if care is not taken our football which should have move from grass to grace will get to a point of no return. I would like to call on officials of the Ghana football to rise up and  take a bold step to end activities of these  destroyers who call themselves players managers or agents whose activities has not yielded any good dividends towards the growth and development of  our football. Today 90% of Ghanaian football loving fans know the standard of our football has fallen into a deep ditch and this is the time to redeem the image of our football and bring it back to its befitting level. Great men in football call Ghana the African Brazilians all because Ghana is privileged to have lots of talented footballers who know how to play the round leather ball very well. Our football is where it is now because it is not managed professionally.

Our local club administrators are not doing what is expected of them to make our football attain its professional status and this has pave the way for these non accredited football managers or agents who are destroyers to take advantage of  our poor players to enrich themselves. Most of our local clubs don’t pay their player bonuses and salaries on time and because of that if anybody gives a player loan or food he feels he qualifies to be a player agent or manager. Interestingly, today anybody at all gets up and calls himself a player agent because of the fact that he can buy porridge, jersey, football pants and boots for a player. Our local clubs are not helping matters at all because if they open their doors for players to come and justify themselves because  they are without a player agent, for  them to get the chance to exhibit what they have in their sleeves to offer becomes a problem . We have a lot of teams who gave no chance to some good or quality players who came on their own to prove their capabilities and were rejected and they went to other clubs to perform creditably and the same club that rejected them in the next season will use huge sums of money to buy them back to their team. Our local clubs who are found of doing this bad thing to make these destroyers take advantage of our players must put a stop to it for growth and development of Ghana football.

Everybody is now complaining, our football has collapsed entirely and the only thing they thought it wise doing is just by pointing accusing fingers on Ghana Football Association (GFA)   and its executives having forgotten activities of these destroyers who call themselves player managers or agents who only want to satisfy their self gains at the expense of our players are part of the problem that has contributed to the downward trend of our football. Some have taken our players like their slaves or their own property. Some  have confiscated cards of some players all in the name of getting them good contracts abroad meanwhile they don’t know any Fifa agent and because of that players who could have been playing in our local league to make it attractive are now idle and getting older. If the idea of buying football kits for players makes one a football agent or manager then parents of our players are much more qualified to be Fifa accredited football managers or agents.

The most painful part of it is that sometimes the number of years these players are going to play for clubs they sign abroad is hidden from them and by the time they know of it they might have served about three or four years. There were lots of speculations that came up some years back about some Ghanaian players who were sent to Thailand to play professional football and the ordeal they went through meanwhile these destroyers had taken their money back  home  enjoying it with their families and our players were there playing their football not on the pitch but on bed. Our players who want to go far in their chosen profession must as a matter of urgency stay away from these destroyers. I call on the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to restrain these destroyers who enrich themselves with the sweat and toil of our players and turn around to criticize the GFA of not putting up good measures that will help the growth and development of our football.


story :

Michael Kessey- (Akissiway)