Five reasons why I support Alhaji Short as the next NPP National Chairman-communication team

The NPP, after its August 2017 Cape Coast Conference will be electing new executives from the polling stations to the national level to man the activities of the party. This election will be conducted after the current executives have successfully ended their glorious and victorious tenure. A lot of able and competent party members are lining up to contest and takeover from the current ones. Some of the incumbent executives are also going for another term. All of them are good in their own way but my choice for the National Chairman goes to Alhaji Abubakari Rahman(Alhaji Short).

Alhaji Short has he is affectionately called is the current Regional Chairman of my home region, the Upper West Region. He has been the regional chairman since 2005. As such, he is the oldest regional chairman we have currently in the NPP. There are several factors that makes me to vouch for Alhaji Short as the next national chairman of the NPP. Some of these factors are:


Alhaji Short is always focused on whatever that he is doing. He is a goal-oriented person and he allows nothing to distract his focus. In all his three times of been the Upper West Regional Chairman, he always set a target for the party in the region and works hard to achieve it. An example was he setting the 5/6 parliamentary seat target in the just ended elections and the party delivered. He never allowed irrelevant things to distract him from achieving his goals. Tim Ferris, a bestselling author, as if knowing the leadership qualities of Alhaji Short, once said, “It’s been said that leadership is making important but unpopular decisions. That’s certainly a partial truth, but I think it underscores the importance of focus. To be a good leader, you cannot major in minor things, and you must be less distracted than your competition. To get the few critical things done, you must develop incredible selective ignorance. Otherwise, the trivial will drown you.”


Anyone who is close to Alhaji Short or knows someone close to him will attest to his very high confidence level. He instils a lot of comradeship and followership among his followers. He is a good coach who knows how to push you so that you can bring the best you have in yourself. It’s this his confidence, passion and inspiration that has kept the NPP growing in strength upon strength in a not to far comfortable zone/region of the NDC. With Alhaji Short, we can be sure of the NPP retaining power in 2020 and beyond, In sha Allah. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Hollywood actor and former Governor of California, once said(as if he’s talking about Alhaji Short),“People always say I’m a self-made man. But there is no such thing. Leaders aren’t self-made; they are driven. I arrived in America with no money or any belongings besides my gym bag, but I can’t say I came with nothing: Others gave me great inspiration and fantastic advice, and I was fueled by my beliefs and an internal drive and passion. That’s why I’m always willing to offer motivation—to friends or strangers on Reddit. I know the power of inspiration, and if someone can stand on my shoulders to achieve greatness, I’m more than willing to help them up.” Yes, the NPP can stand on the shoulders of Alhaji Abubakari Rahman to achieve greatness.


Alhaji Short is a man of his words. He believes in what he says and stands for. He always take the lead in ensuring that he does what is right. He stands firm on what he believes in and pushes hard on it. Since he started supporting Nana Addo in 2005/7, he has never betrayed him. He has consistently pushed the Nana Addo agenda in his region and beyond because he believes in him and believes in his capabilities. Today and thankfully, Alhaji Short’s gamble and loyalty has paid back as His Excellency, Nana Addo, is now our president.


Alhaji short is an innovative leader. With little resources and whilst the party was in opposition for eight years, he adopted various strategies to ensure that not only did the NPP survive in a very difficult region but the party also grew. Yearly, the numbers in the party keep increasing. “In any system with finite resources and infinite expansion of population—like your business, or like all of humanity—innovation is essential for not only success but also survival. The innovators are our leaders. You cannot separate the two. Whether it is by thought, technology or organization, innovation is our only hope to solve our challenges.”

—Aubrey Marcus, founder, Onnit


Alhaji Short is a very calculated and patient person. He is always courageous and confident when the cause he commits himself to is been tested. It is not always easy when you’re confronted with very difficult challenges but good leaders like Alhaji Short understand when to abandon the cause and when to push hard to achieve their targeted goals. His patience has always endeared him to delegates in the upper West Region and they always ensure that they stand solidly behind him.

This is the Alhaji Abubakari Rahman I know. This is the Alhaji Short who wants to lead our great party and tradition, the NPP. He is my choice and I believe with him, the NPP will rule the country for a very long time and party faithfuls will enjoy the fruits of their labour. He knows the sufferings of the grassroots and he knows how to handle the grassroot.

Abudu Dabuo. F.
Regional communication team member, Upper West Region