Food and Drugs Authority’s persistent caution to product manufacturers especially drug producers to register their products before taking to the market has been undermined.

These are often seen in vehicles, market area and the smaller communities.These are the most vulnerable places being victimised by these unscrupulous money makers.
Fake drugs do not only dupe buyers of their monies but also end up injecting them with other health infections.

Many of these drug producers cannot be traced hence unavailable to defend the cost of their actions.
Attempt by a national vigilante group” Saman Secret Service” of kessben media has unveiled a deadly move by some fake drug sellers at Ahenema Kokoben who managed to sell some concoctions to the community.
Some of the named drug labels with fake content included Original Super Charger, Aduana Kooko Aduro, I Love You, Obaasima, Aduana Herbal Mix and some others.

Even though some people had already felt victim but with the timely interventions by Saman Secret Service, these drug sellers were brought to book.

It’s therefore a challenge to all drugs and product users to mindful of their medicinal intakes especially by purchasing from a licensed pharmaceutical company or a recognized outlets. This would help to eliminate the prevailing fake drug producers in the market .

Story: Randy Jay Abubakar