Expedite action on the passage of L.I regarding the film act….FIPAG to Tourism Minister.

The Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) has urged the ministry of tourism, Art and culture Hon. Catherine Abelema Afeku to expedite action on the passage of L.I regarding the film act.

Public relations officer for FIPAG Rosaline Osei speaking at a press conference, said the ministry should make the passage of the L.I one of her priority actions within her first year with the establishment of the film fund and the national film authority.

She added that, the movie industry has the potential of providing numerous jobs teeming army of the unemployment situation in the country in addition to it huge revenue potential.

FIPAG is calling on Parliament to expedite action on the passage of the broadcasting Bill which among other things, seek to introduce a local content requirement that a percentage of airtime be devoted to promoting Ghanaian cultural and creative works.

She said, the passage of the broadcasting bill will lead to media houses promoting and projecting Ghanaian content and culture.

This will stop the invasion of foreign culture though the media, especially audio-visual and project Ghanaian content to instill a sense of patriotism.


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