Ex President Mahama scaring away investors with his “Kaakamotobi” Video- NPP Vice Chair Yells

I was shocked when I saw a Ghanaian and statesman showing videos and pictures of violence to foreign diplomats. All we need to do as a nation is to set up a commission of enquiry to investigate the issue at hand than selling the nation out. I remember the same happened at Talensi and Amenfi West by-elections during Mahama’s tenure and same has happened today, so we need to solve this canker internally rather than showing it to foreign diplomats.

What ex President Mahama just did is unprofessional and unpatriotic because some of the video he showed was full of lies, the video he displayed to the diplomats as NPP vigilante group at the funeral of the late Hon Emmanuel Kyeremateng Agyarko’s funeral has been identified to be a video of a group of police officers at the funeral of their colleague Police officer, L/CPL Daniel Adu Tieko who was shot at Manso Nkwanta and whose funeral was held on 18th August, 2018 at the Presby Technical Senior High School (ADUTECH) park at Adukrom- Eastern Region.

Ex president Mahama’s action does not befits a statesman, Mahama’s declaration, following the January 31 incidence, that the NDC will meet NPP “boot-for-boot” during 2020 elections as inciting violence is unpatriotic and needs to be interrogated very well.

Why is Mahama so desperate for power? Is it greediness or he is the only sensible person in NDC? After Ayawaso incidence Mr President has set up committee to investigate the matter and those on the committee are well experience and has impeaccable character, this shows how democratic and fair Nana Addo is running. Mahama had the chance to investigate the violence that happened at Talensi and Amenfi West by-elections but he didn’t.

Investigation is ongoing to see how and when to disband all vigilante groups in our beloved country so why the rush of selling out our country to other countries? Mahama has really damaged Ghana’s reputation which won’t help our development as a nation.

*….. signed….*
*Edmund Kyei*
*Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman*
*NPP Communication member*