Ensure peace as the nation readies for elections Prez Mahama tells peace council as he swears in Martey and others .

President John Dramani Mahama has urged the peace council board to do all it can to ensure peace as the nation readies for elections in November.

He made this known when he swore in Professor Emmanuel Martey and few others onto the board of the national Peace Council.

“Violence can never be used for any conflict resolution and we believe that your group will provide alternative dispute resolutions to our people all over the country”. He added

Other members of the board are reverend Emmanuel Asante, Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Reverend Vincent Sowah Boi-Nai, Catholic Bishop of Yendi Diocese representing the Catholic Bishops Conference, and Apostle Dr Opoku Onyinah, President of the Ghana Pentecostal Council.

Others are Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih, Ahmadiyah Muslim Group, Imam Awal Shuaib, Tijaaaniya Muslim Group, Sheik Mohammed Gedel, Al-Sunnah Muslim Group, Osofo Kofi Atabuatsi, Practitioners of African Traditional Religion, and Nana Susubribi Krobea Asante, National House of Chiefs.

The rest are Shaibu Abubakar, WANAP Ghana, Rev. Dr Armoo Darku, Institute of Retired Pastors, and Nana Agyakoma Difia II, Mamponghemaa, the President’s nominee.