Enough Of The Selfish Politicking And Embrace The Free S.H.S Wholeheartedly – ARISE FOR CHANGE &DEVELOPMENT (AFCAD)

The restoration of hope by the NPP government within eight months in office has thrown the opposition party,NDC into a state of shock.

Ghana a nation endowed with many opportunities and possibilities continues to depend on others for survival.

People with evil hearts and minds have been given the opportunity as MP’s to manipulate the destinies and aspirations of the youth in the land.

The continuous move by the NDC and its minority to sabotage this policy is a clear indication and an example of a party with an evil heart.

The NPP government needs to be commended for this bold initiative by all Ghanaians irrespective of your party.

Ghanaians and the entire youth in the land have now seen the difference between “edey-bi k3 k3” party and the NPP.

Afcad therefore urges Ghanaians to ignore the unfruitful criticisms by the opposition party and support the policy.

We also plead with all school heads and educationists in the country to contribute their quota for the sustainability of this project.

It should be also noted that,the sustainability of every social intervention or policy by a government is a shared responsibility on all citizens regardless of our political affiliation.

Let us all help to make this program a successful one for mother Ghana.

Ghanaian Youth are most grateful to you Mr president.


Antwi Boasiako
+39-351 022 6291

Hon. Mamoa Elijah
+233-208 785 742

Yussif Abdul Kudus
+233-245 535 151

Women’s Organizer
Faustina Agyekum
+233-208 523 288



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