EL needs a fame manager – Mel Kwesi

Mel Kwesi Davis, artiste manager and boss of Event Republic, has indicated that rapper, EL needs a fame manager.

His comment comes on the heels of trolls at the 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the Year for his new look.

A picture of EL in locks went viral on social media which subjected him to heavy criticisms from a section of the public, some of whom compared it to a pineapple.

Some have blamed his management for the development but Mel Kwesi Davis on Pluzz FM will not fault EL’s management.



According to him, there are certain aspects of the life of artistes which management have no control of. He indicated that the hairstyle might have even taken EL’s management by surprise as there is a possibility of them seeing him in his cap always.

To him, it would have been best if EL had a fame manager to study if a new look would help EL’s brand.

“I can understand why people are complaining. The move was too drastic. What EL needed was somebody to manage the fame. He needed a fame manager. What a fame manager does is to look at where you are going, how far you have reached and he would then look at how he can balance your outlook and the fans. He does fan base development, artiste development and look,” he told host, Sammy Flex.

Credit: Abrantepa