EID UL-FITR Message from the DANMARY Foundation

We wish to send our lovely greetings and congratulations to Muslims all over Ghana and the rest of the world for having gone through this holy month of Ramadan successfully.

The month of Ramadan is very important in the life of each Muslim who is of good health. It is a month of spiritual renewal, forgiveness, honesty, dedication to the principles of Islam.

Let’s be truthful, honest and exhibit the life that we portrayed during the Ramadan.

It is our prayer that, the prayers offered during this holy month will receive answers from Almighty Allah. May Allah replenish each and every Muslim for their dedication to fast and pray for the peace and development of the nation.

We will urge us all to continue to live by the principles of Islam, love each other and have hatred for none.

May Allah bless us all.

Congratulations to all Muslims in Ghana and beyond!

Akua Kwakyewaa Antwi