‘Efiewura’ actress survives horrific car crash

According to an eyewitness, the lady who played the role of a skinny troublesome lady in the series lost all four wheels of her Toyota Yaris car and knocked several pavement blocks before finally running into an electric pole.

The accident occurred around 2:00am on Saturday on the Spintex road at the junction before Spintex Shell while she was heading towards the Accra Mall direction.

A photo available to NEWS-ONE showed a mangled car with ripped-off bonnet, cracked windscreen and other damages.

The air bags imploded, exposing one of the damaged wheels. There was also a liquid substance underneath the car, indicating that the fuel tank might have been burst in the process.

It is unclear the level of injury sustained by the actress, but a source close to her confirmed that she was admitted at 37 Military on Saturday. She was also not alone in the car when the accident occurred.