Edmund Kyei Replies Mahama- If you want violence mobilize your family to the battle front

It’s very unfortunate to hear ex President Mahama making such violent comment , thought the national security should have acted professionally to prevent such unfortunate incidence yesterday at the bye election, but for a state man like John Mahama to say his party is more violent than any other political party and they will match NPP boot for boot in upcoming 2020 election is below belt.

Ex President Mahama should mobilize his children to the war front for other supporters to follow, as a state man and a former president you should know better than to utter such misguided comment.

I want to ask Mahama if he knows the effects of his misguided comment? He has really brought tension into the country as former president, he should not forget what happened in Rwanda through misguided comment. When comments like this comes from a public figure like Mahama it can bring war and violence conflicts can have a devastating and lasting consequences for mental as well as physical health.

I’m urging John Mahama to come out to apologise to the entire country and his innocent party folks who want to live in a peaceful country.

Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice
NPP Communication member