Edmund Kyei: NDC Creating A Culture Of Impunity In Ghana

In recent fire outbreaks in our various markets and other kidnappings, information from Ghana police intelligence unit indicates that one suspect in their custody mentioned Elder Ofosu Ampofo’s name in Connection with the said crimes so the police CID deem it necessary to invite Ofosu Ampofo.
The council of Elders of NDC made a release on Wednesday indicating that Samuel Ofosu Ampofo and any other member of the party should not honor invitation by the police.
The opposition is setting a bad precedence for people to emulate and this is an act of lawlessness and such unpalatable words from the council of Elders may incite their supporters.

The most dangerous aspect of it is the comment that came from ex president Mahama saying the invitation is useless, a person of his caliber should not make such misguided comment.
After Mahama’s comment, Sammy Gyamfi followed suit saying the invitation is nonsense. Such comments from their party leadership is in bad taste.

The opposition NDC should not forget The Rule of Law, equality before the law. Ghana is a peaceful country and we need to maintain it as such and I’m advising the leadership of NDC to apologise to Ghanaians and also retract those statements from their release.

*….. signed……*
*Edmund Kyei*
*Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman*
*Member of NPP Communication*