Edmund Kyei Advise Mahama- Mr Ex president Retract your boot for boot comment


Is Mahama thirsty for blood? Maybe he is not aware of the implications of his comment as a political figure.

Ghanaians are so worried and ashamed of misguided comment made by the former president Mahama when he met party delegates at Adaklu constituency in the Volta region, he stated ” the NDC has a revolutionary root and when it comes to unleashing violence, nobody can beat us in unleashing violence” Mahama said this after the unfortunate incidence at Ayawaso bye election.

Unfortunately I think Mahama was encouraging NDC supporters to perpetrate violence, which is not good for our country,. Mahama once headed ECOWAS for Liberia elections and I think he should know better. I think Ex president Mahama knows what caused genocide in Rwanda, it was an irresponsible comment from a single person that broke civil war between Hutus and Tutsi tribes.

Did Ex president Mahama even consider or thought about kids and families in our country before making such violent comment? Another question is when Ghana burns will he govern trees and river bodies left behind? Mahama want to be voted for as president but he is blood thirsty.

Ex president Mahama should respect the Christian Council and Ghanaians, he should retract the statement and apologise to Ghanaians for his “we will match you boot for boot” comment.

…. signed….
Edmund Kyei
Asokwa constituency 1st Vice Chairman
NPP Communication Team member