E/R : Akyem Abuakwa Presbytery Dedicate New Manse to Asiakwa Circuit

The Akyem Abuakwa presbytery of the Presbyterian church of Ghana yesterday 29th Dec 2019 dedicated a new manse at Asiakwa in the East Akyem municipality of the eastern region to the church.

Speaking to press after the dedication, Rev. Dr. Seth Kissi the chairman of the Akyem Abuakwa presbytery who led the congregation, touched on the topic”giving back to the society”

According to him, the edifice is the best in the entire Akyem Abuakwa presbytery which needs to be commended.

To him we have seen this edifice because some people dedicated their lives and resources to building this manse for the minister and the family,

According to him, this is a spirit he will commend for every Christian, the spirit of giving .

He said development comes through some people and we can develop our society through commitment and dedication.

According to him, Christians can develop the spirit of giving and such is the most powerful and beautiful side of every Christian.

Rev. Dr. Seth Kissi Stressed on the people who started working with the new manse and needs to be applauded and commended.

He further, mentioned some few good things a Christian must emulate.
The spirit of giving and the spirit of dedication.

According to him , the manse was started by one Rev. Minister and has been continued by other men of God and that has brought the edifice this far .

He said, “he will encourage the politicians to emulate the habit of continuity .

” When a project is started by one government, the other government in power must continue and complete it,” And he believes this attitude can enhance development in our country.

Rev. Seth Kissi concluded by thanking the entire congregation and people who contributed towards the building of the new minister ‘s residence.

He wished the good people of Ghana while we usher into a new year.

Rev. Kofi Dankwa who is a resident Minister of Asiakwa district also added his voice to by appreciating people who made this into reality. According to him, the new manse has taken the Church almost 8 years to complete ,

To him, he expressed his appreciation to the good citizens of Asiakwa especially, the people living in and outside the country, they have really worked hard in putting up the edifice.

Rev. Kofi Dankwa, extended his preciation to Mr. and Mrs Jackson for their kind gesture towards the development of the new manse. to him ,about 75% of the work was done by them and that has brought the edifice this far.

He then encouraged the people of Asiakwa to trust in God.

According to him, (300,000.) three hundred thousand cedis was spent on the new manse. Rev. Kofi Dankwa also highlighted about the impact of giving,

He said, while the year 2020 is an election year, He advised Christians and politicians to remain calm and continue to enjoy the peace in the country.