DVLA to ease education and license acquisition

DVLA to ease education and license acquisitionDrivers and Vehicle License Authority (DVLA) has implemented some measures in making their services accessible and affordable to the general public across the nation.

Speaking to Mr. Bright Botwe, the Deputy License Officer at Agona DVLA on Kessben news last Monday, he said DVLA in collaboration with the Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU) under Ghana Police Service, saw the need to eliminate excuses by drivers and limit accidents by inexperienced drivings on our roads by making teaching of drivers and acquisition license more accessible to the reach of the needed individuals so as to encourage the populace to participate efficiently.

He added that, DVLA had begun this implementation by the issuance of the new ” Temporary Driving Licence” which works in place of the previous “Cover Notes” which gave drivers the opportunity to use vehicles till a stipulated period of time before the release of the original license.

However, this is an ultramodern one with plastic ID making it more secured with electronic inscriptions.

Moreover, “Express Mobile Service to Clients” is another strategized method adopted by DVLA to bring their services to the door steps of their clients. Institutions like churches, corporate bodies, Schools companies etc who wish to register their vehicles and drivers can enjoy this service by inviting DVLA to their premise.

Another effort of DVLA to extend the driving experience across board is the initiation of the “Tertiary Driving School” which is also seeking to integrate driving into the academic curricula among the various Tertiary institutions. This will help graduates to come out with knowledge in driving at the end of school going period.

To make this effective, government will there employ the services of registered driving schools to participate in the teaching among the numerous Tertiary institutions nationwide.

He finally stated that, even though this initiative by DVLA has commenced but the mobile vehicles to accelerate the activities had not yet been provided at all DVLA offices within the country. As at now only two centres which includes Elembele and Afram Plains have been provided with the vehicles.



Story: Randy Jay Abubakar