Drunk farmer ‘starts fight with his own pig but dies after having three fingers and his privates bitten off’

A FARMER has died after he brawled with a pig that bit him in the testicles and tore off three of his fingers, it has been reported.
The bizarre incident is said to have occurred in the town of San Lucas Ojitlan, in south-western Mexico.

The man was bitten in the privates and had three fingers severed in the brawl with his pig, it was claimed
El Debate reported that farmer Miguel Anaya Pablo, 60, died from an infection caused by the wounds he suffered during the brawl.

Miguel is alleged to have returned home drunk from a party and somehow begun fighting with the pig which he kept in his home.

The animal managed to bite his testicles and severe three fingers of his right hand, the paper claimed, and he was rushed to hospital.

However, he later died due to an infection in the wounds and his body is due to undergo an autopsy, local media reported.

Although the incident has been widely reported in local media, the details have not been independently verified and no news sites ran an image of Miguel.