Double-Track System is an Apt decision – Bright Oppon-Nyarko

In the honest quest of the Akufo-Addo government to remove all hindrances from the way of a school going student, it has adopted a system that’s widely accepted but somehow alien to Ghana to ensure that every child is educated to SHS level to realize most of its citizens are numerate and literate at all cost.

In the wake of this Doubl-track Policy, many, including the Hon Minister of Finance, Hon Ken Ofori-Atta have suggested that the government should review the the Free SHS to allow those are can pay for their wards to so. But you know we cannot identify those who can pay for their wards by looking at their faces neither would they honestly opt themselves forward to be identified as such if they are asked to -that’s Gh for you.

We can do that, however, with a reliable data after our NIA Ghana card system is fully operational. Until then, as it is government policy that no one stays home after making the aggregate 36 mark would run.

Double-Track would allow:
1. A reduced class size to remove overcrowding for effective teaching atmosphere.

2. Increase in contact hours from 1,080 to 1,134 hours

3. Allow enough rest for the tutors during vacation.

4. Ensure effective & adequate continuous use of our educational facilities.

5. The government to engage or employ over 8,000 more teachers.

Let’s not forget that there can never be enough facilities to ever meet our population, and that’s the reality of life.

Do you know that we still building and improving upon the our educational facilities in north after over 50yrs of the declaration of free education by Dr Nkrumah -indeed “people teacher” term came as a result of that policy by the then government, where form 4 & 5 students are engaged to teach at the time till now. You don’t say that those people who enjoyed such initiative are less better than us in the south?. Before u cast your mind afar -Hon Haruna Iddrisu & Hon Bagbin are a product of such magnanimity of a government policy.

Please let’s embrace it fully and work at the challenges as and when they come up -since that’s the way of life.


Sirh Bright Oppon-Nyarko
NPP Comm Team member from Subin