Double-track educational policy:an apartheid educational system-Ghayodec

The Ghana Youth Democratic Club (GHAYODEC) has keenly followed the debates and discussions relating to the Nana Addo led administration’s decision to introduce shift system at the second cycle education( SHS) level.

For the records, we would want to state categorically that, per our assessment, all the reasons being assigned to the need to introduce this policy are bogus and of a hidden motive.

Our painstaking checks point to the fact that the npp government is rather seeking to create a CLASS SOCIETY in strict cognizance of their elitist mentality and capitalist philosophy.

With this hidden motive, students to be enrolled in the selected double track schools shall be largely from very deprived homes and poor social backgrounds while their privileged colleagues are posted to the single tracked schools.

This kind of arrangement would obviously create a societal imbalance as witnessed in South Africa during the Apartheid era in that country.

This ill-motive of marginalization of the poor by providing low quality education for their children must be halted immediately.

It is our strongest view that, any responsive and responsible government must cast its net wider in order to mobilize the required resources to provide QUALITY, EQUITABLE, ACCESSIBLE and RELEVANT education for ALL its citizens.

We therefore call on well meaning Ghanaians, civil society organisations, religious organisations and human right activists to stand up and fight for EQUALITY OF ALL.

Long live Ghana!

Long live Ghanaian Youths!