Don’t refuse the goodies, but vote Mahama out – NPP

The Northern regional branch of the New Patriotic Party has alleged that President Mahama has ordered for the state coffers to be recklessly pillaged to save his skin, few months to the national elections.

According to the NPP, though President Mahama’s tour of the country had been disastrous, the President never envisaged the kind of snub he got from his own people in the Northern region last week.

Speaking at a press conference in Tamale Tuesday, the Northern regional Communications Director of the NPP, Mohammed Kudus, said, “Mahama’s trip here was a disaster by all accounts. Even his own party members who usually would ride motor bikes to usher him into Tamale were not motivated to do what has become a normal practice by the NDC youth.”

He added that, “government had to bully teachers to order school children to come out in a failed attempt to save the President from a deserving embarrassment. The President ended up waving to empty streets, and not even the sirens from his over 40 V8 SUVs motorcade could move the people who are angry and disillusioned to pay attention to him. The school children were given no choice but to abandon their books to come and hail the naked Emperor in the scotching sun.”

Kudus warned that, the NDC will come again with cash to spend as the elections draw nearer, and advised, “they are bringing to you a little of what they have stolen from you. You may take it but remember if you vote to re-elect President Mahama and his MPs based on this insult, you will suffer even more for the next four years.”

Explaining the problems in the northern region, the Northern regional Communications Director of NPP said, the biggest issue facing the people in the region today is the twin-problem of unemployment and lack of income.

“Even, NDC footsoldiers who were put on all sorts of income schemes are suffering because those schemes are no longer supplying them with the income promised. It’s as if, for the NDC activists, the good old days died with President John Atta Mills. As for the vast majority of the people, John Mahama’s presidency has visited nothing but misery and more poverty,” he said.

Kudus said President Mahama’s accounting to the people is in itself a testimony of the corruption that has marked the Mahama presidency.

“Go across the Northern Region and see all the campaign billboards carrying the official stamp should the State be paying for a ruling party’s campaign billboards?” he questioned.

He stated that, “to President Mahama, what belongs to the people belong to the Government, that is why he will tax and tax and raise and raise your electricity and water tariffs until you drop dead. To President Mahama, what belongs to Government belongs to the NDC party. To President Mahama, he is the King, he is the Emperor, he is not accountable to anybody. We should all work for him so that he can spend the money anyhow.”