I don’t do ‘Fast food’ songs — Gasmilla

Whenever he drops a new track, Gasmilla firmly believes it would definitely be a hit no matter how long it takes because he does not do ‘fast food’ songs which die out in no time.

According to Gasmilla, so many songs in Ghana today enjoy ample airplay but only for short periods because they are ‘fast food.’

“Songs like Aboodantoi, 3 Points and Telemo were popular for long periods before fresh good material overtook them. The story is, however, different these days,” he told Showbiz in an interview on Monday.

Gasmilla is of the view that some good songs take time to be accepted by the public and because most of his songs are good, they slowly grow on listeners.

The man who shot to fame with Aboodantoi, is currently promoting three new singles: Edey Jom Papa, Meet Your Meter and Naagode. He said research is an important aspect of his work as a musician.

“I don’t rush and to do songs just for the fun of recording them. I take time and research on trending issues and and that makes people fall in love with the songs,” he said.

Asked whether his three new singles could be bigger than his previous hits, Gasmilla who enjoyed massive airplay with Telemo in 2014 and 2015, said with time, his three singles could be bigger than any of his previous songs.

The Ga rapper said his songs normally get attention from his core fans in the coastal areas before they ‘explode’ everywhere.

“The core fans start using them as ringtones before they become hits everywhere,” he added.

According to Gasmilla, deejays are usually reluctant to play his songs until they become massive hits. He pleaded with them to patronise his songs and play them on their platforms.

Touching on how his music journey started, Gasmilla, real name Odartei Milla Lamptey said it all began as a rapper in his secondary school days in Wesley Grammar.

The graduate of the Institute of Professional Studies now University of Professional Studies, Accra, said he was one of the best rappers in school.

According to him, his parents were not very keen when he decided to take the music path. So in addition to breaking onto the music scene with good music, he also had to prove to his parents he was on the right path. “And now my parents are proud of me”, he added.

Contrary to what people say that his songs are tailored to suit only Gas, Gasmilla said “I guess every musician has a language he or she is comfortable expressing themselves in. I am good at rapping in Ga and I want Ghanaians to accept me for that.”

Credit: Graphic Online