Disclaimer : The Circulation Of Posters With The Image Of Hon. Kwesi Biney

I crave for your uninterrupted indulgence for this brief but very important information.

It has come to the notice of Hon. Kwesi Biney, former DCE of Ahanta West, that some individuals are circulating posters with his image and name on it. The initial posters appear not to have political connotations. However, another version of posters are being circulated recently that seeks to invite Hon. Kwesi Biney to the 2020 parliamentary elections which gives room for many interpretations.

Hon. Kwesi Biney wants to state unequivocally that he is not a party to the aforementioned posters that seeks to draw attention to the impending parliamentary elections in 2020. His images could easily be traced from the social media and be used by well wishers as well as ill wishers.

I am by this release informing the good people of Ahanta West, Western region and Ghana at large to disregard interpretation that suggests or align the involvement of Hon. Kwesi Biney to the aforementioned posters.

I thank the many delegates, party members, and floaters who are encouraging Hon. Kwesi Biney to participate in the impending political season of Ghana. However, the intentions of Hon. Kwesi Biney with respect to the impending political season of Ghana shall be made known at the appropriate time if there is a need.

Aquinas Knox Kwofie
Press and Media Aide