DHL and SOS GH organises Entrepreneurship and employability workshop #GOTEACH

DHL in collaboration with SOS GH organized entrepreneurship and employability skills workshop at Bunso cocoa college over the weekends ,
The workshop was organized for young people of SOS villages across Ghana namely, Asiakwa , Tema, Kumasi and Tamale .

The title of the workshop goes “GO TEACH ”

The motivation was to teach them with an employable skills, that is how to write a good CV and job interview skills.

Also teach them how to search for jobs and building networks.
Secondly,to teach them employability training ( personal and time management) ,

Thirdly, teach them leadership and professional skills.

Entrepreneurship training, the need for entrepreneurship and how to identity business opportunities, And finally , the need for marketing and branding your business.
Start-up financing and experience sharing from other young people.

SOS villages Ghana is a nongovernmental federation.

The organization has been in the existence in the country for the past forty five years giving Care and support to orphans and vulnerable children. Their main programs are the long term family -like care for orphaned and abandoned children and family strengthening programs for vulnerable children in the deprived communities.

In their family-like care , they have four villages located in Tema, Kumasi , Tamale and Asiakwa.
These villages have combined 51 family houses currently providing for 640 children without parental care over these 45 years, they have enabled about 300 children to grow into independent, responsible citizens.

The family strengthening programme is a community based approach to support, strengthen and empower families and communities, enabling them to effectively and sustainably care for their children and advocate for their right. To this end ,

SOS CV Ghana works together with community based Organization (CBO’s ), local government, schools, medical providers and other NGO’s providing a wide range of service in health, sanitation education nutrition for children. In addition ,they provide opportunities for young people to acquire entrepreneurship and employable skills. Through the family strengthening programme, SOS CV Ghana over the years has supported directly 7,500 children in 18 communities, currently they 2500 children within the communities in Ghana.

Their other community intervention programmes have included : MFS ll – 6180 children with their caregivers , technical and vocational training ( TVET) 860 youth , Oral health 208,000 children Quality Education now ( QEN) 26,842 children and 941 teachers from 74 schools ,

Save my mother Cervical Cancer awareness campaign, screaming and treatment .

End child marriage , sustainable livelihood project among others.

In an interview with the NBU Hub manager and youth coach Mr. Samuel Aboagye said, DHL is committed to to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich as long as DHL is concern

According to him , as part of their cooperate social responsibility DHL will continue to help the youth in the four villages to get them on the job market .

So he expect that at the end of the workshop the participants can be self dependent and self reliance.

As long as their have been thought entrepreneurship skills, and employability training the youth will know how to identity business opportunities after tertiary institutions.