“D Black is not an average rapper, people just can’t relate” – S3fa

D black, CEO of Black Avenue Muzik, might be seen as an average artist to many but to others, he is a big artist, they see his rap as relatable and love him for that, just as the case of S3fa.

S3fa, a Black Avenue Muzik signee, believes his boss has a unique way of doing music and should be loved for that.

According to S3fa, not everybody in Ghana will love D Black’s songs but she believes he (D Black) has a unique way of doing music and people should learn to relate to his style.

D Black an artiste and business mogul has over the years receive trolls from a section of music lovers, with some advising him to focus more on his businesses than on rap because they believe his rap is not up to standard.

Speaking in an interview with Nana Osei-Kesse (Mr. Bonez), S3fa revealed that people that see D Black as a so not good artist do that because of their mindset, sighting that she loves the kind of songs D Black does and loves him for that.

“People that see him (D Black) as a so not good artist do that because of their mindset, D Black has his own crowd that he appeals to. Anybody that is creative sings what he feels or raps what he feels, so, if I sing something that you can relate to, that is when you will love me, another person somewhere who can not relate to the song I do will also say am not good and it’s normal”

“The people that relate to his songs love him, like myself, I relate well with some of his songs so I love him” she revealed.

By: Kessbenfm.com/Derrick Ofori