D Black can’t be my boyfriend – S3fa

Boss and coworkers getting romantically involved with each other is something common though society frowns upon it. It is assumed that when such romantic relationship happens, the subjects involved get more career opportunities.

Regardless of these opportunities, S3fa a black avenue muzik signee thinks she can’t be in a romantic relationship with her label president, D Black.
S3fa believes, her label president is a business minded person who sees her and the other 3 label mates as sisters.

“D Black is my boss, so is not even possible for us to be in a relationship, and in my principle of life I don’t miss business with pleasure and if you know my boss, D Black, he is a good businessman, you know businessmen don’t miss business with pleasure, because it might cost him his money and a whole lot of things” she said.
Though S3fa believes is not wrong for someone to be in love with the boss, she believes her “principles and priorities doesn’t make it favorable” on her part.

According to S3fa, D Black made it known to her they are on business grounds even before they started working together.

She said, “Surprisingly, the first time I spoke to him, through social media, he told me he has seen videos of me singing and he wants to establish his own record label, so I should come to his studio and talk to DJ Breezy, so from the start it was business all through, it wasn’t like we were friends and he brought me in, it was after business that we developed big brother kid sister kind of relationship”

When asked why she is single, S3fa who sounded not ready to mingle said she would not want jump to a relationship because she is single but would rather wait on God for the right man to come.

“I don’t have a guy, am not dating for now but am not searching too, but then again am not saying am not searching, if it comes fine if it doesn’t fine, will leave it to God, in his own time.”

S3fa is out with her fourth single after signing onto the Black Avenue Muzik label and it features Lynx Entertainment new twin signees Dope Nation.

Kessbenfm.com/Derrick Ofori