City Link to bounce back

Local airline company, City Link, has initiated processes for a comeback at least within the short to medium term.

This is the indication from the Director General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, Simon Allotey.

“City Link has recently renewed its air carrier license we are waiting a request from them for the commencement of their operations. I think they are re-organising and soon they will commence operations,” the DG boss stated.

The air carrier license is among other things an indication of the economic and financial strength and capability to operate as an airline.

The renewal of the license is expected to be followed by the company’s assets and operational strategy.

City Link is among three local airlines that have suspended their operations for varied reasons.

Simon Allotey could however not indicate the time period of resumption of activity.

“It depends on the airline itself because they will have to lease an aircraft and it is also tied to their finances. I cannot tell what their financial arrangements are. Once they are able to arrange for a few aircrafts they can commence operations.”

“It is difficult to give a specific timeline that it will take CTK a month, two or three; it all depends on how they go about their arrangements and some of these contracts can be lengthy.”

Meanwhile the GCAA is highly optimistic a comeback by City Link should intensify competition in the local aviation industry.

Resumption of the three local airlines that went under has been rescheduled for quite a number of times.

The three; Antrak Air, City Link, Fly540Gh all suspended their activities between 2012 and 2015 for varied reasons.

Currently only two local airline companies are in operation.

They are Africa World Airlines and Starbow Airlines.