Why I choose to mourn on my birthday – Nene Tei Nobi

Today marks my birthday. On this same date some few decades ago I was born to a woman whose ambitions of becoming a nurse could not be realized because his father, a wealthy farmer, did not believe in girl child education. Madam Mabel Asamoah’s care and concern for people even up to today convinces me everyday that she would have been a fantastic one. Her husband and my father, Rome Nobi, then a young man who had returned to the village after being laid off from Valco to take care of the massive cocoa farms of his late father.

My mother constantly tells me of the excitement that greeted my coming due to the promise and hope that both she and my father saw in me. Her faith in me remains contagious and sometimes, I wonder whether I can meet the high expectations of a mother who has sacrificed any and everything to ensure that I received education. My priceless accomplishment which I owe completely to her.

As I celebrate my mother I remain sad on this day because other young people just about my age are being auctioned off in what has been described by many as modern day slavery. Many young people from this very country and many African countries are making unthinkably dangerous journeys just to seek greener pastures. In fact, apart from those who are being sold, many hundreds are dying either on the desert or sinking in the ocean as they attempt the final journey to reach Europe.

This is purely economically driven. These are unemployed young people seeking opportunities because they see none where they were born and have lived. Their countries and their leadership have failed them. They stand as a representation of the betrayal of the continent.

We watched and some supported the destruction of Libya and now, we are witnessing the effect of such wanton destruction.

To my fellow Young Africans, we have a single task and that is to economically liberate this continent and work towards uniting it. We have to question the textbooks on development and seek a new path for our continent. We must begin with a deep introspection by asking the right questions. At this rate, we must question and seek new paths. Neither the western nor eastern way have anything good for us. We must seek our way.

I dedicate this birthday to the many young people who have been betrayed by the leadership on the continent and as such, have found themselves in the disgraceful conditions in Libya. A blot on our conscience as a people.

Comrade Mugabe takes rest from active public service will the anchor hold with Mnnangagwa in charge? Hopefully, he won’t sell the country back into the claws of neocolonialism.

To the wretched of the earth lead by blackskins in white masks.