Chinese Ambassador meets with the Registrar of the Scholarship Secretariat

The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mdm. Sun Baohong has met with the Registrar of the Scholarship Secretariat, Mr. Kingsley Agyemang. Both sides exchanged views on China-Ghana educational cooperation.

Mr. Agyemang thanked the Chinese government for supporting the development of education in Ghana for many years and expressed his appreciation for the reception held by the Chinese Embassy for Ghanaian students who won the 2017 Chinese Government Scholarship.

H.E. President Akufo-Addo said that the education cooperation between the two countries should be two-way and the Ghanaian government would like to offer scholarships to Chinese students for them to study in China.

Ambassador Sun introduced the achievements of China-Ghana educational cooperation and expressed her appreciation for the proposal by the Ghanaian side to offer scholarships to Chinese students. Ambassador Sun said Ghanaian government attaches great importance to education and some Ghanaian universities and research institutes are among the best in Africa.

The Chinese side is willing to strengthen educational cooperation with the Ghanaian side.