A Cheating Man Doesn’t Necessarily Means He Doesn’t Love You – Jessica Reveals

Jessica Opare Saforo, one of the co-hosts of Ghana’s most popular celebrity and lifestyle show, Celebrity Fanzone has made some very shocking revelations about what she describes as her “discovery of men of over the years” – which flies directly in the face of what many feminists and women rights’ groups belief.

Jessica, who is also  a radio presenter with Accra-based Citi FM last Saturday on Celebrity Fanzone stunned many viewers when she stated flatly that she didn’t necessarily belief cheating is an indication of lack of love in a union.

Jessica, while responding to claims by AB Crentsil’s wife that she caught her husband cheating several times but never filed for divorce stated, “I have discovered over the years that when a man cheats on you, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. It is a twisted thing but it is the truth. Unless he is being upfront and pleasant about the cheating then of course it is disrespectful, but when he hides it and tries to keep it away from you, then it actually means he still cares for you.”

Jessica, upon realizing the impact of her words quickly added, “I do not condone cheating on any kind of level but this is the realization I have come to.”

Also on the show was co-host Akosua Hanson didn’t entirely share in Jessica’s view but was also quick to point out that what happened between Highlife legend, AB Crentsil and his wife should never be used as the yardstick for all relationships.

“This is not the standard that all women should aspire to. This shouldn’t be the status quo for me and my husband and you and your husband. Do not use this as pressure for all women because she [AB Crentsil’s wife] stayed, and so don’t use it as a standard for all relationships,” Akosua Hanson cautioned.

Do you agree with Jessica when she argues that cheating in a relationship is not necessarily a sign of lack of love in a union?

Credit: 233 Prime