Chasing the Elephant into the Bush vs KB Report: Just as the sun was, so shall the rain be

The main opposition NDC constituted a committee of eminent, well to do, respectable men to move across the length and breadth of the country entering every tunnel, every village, every cottage, and every hole to bring to them what accounted for their humiliating defeat in the 2016 General Election. The NDC had lost mercilessly in both the presidential and parliamentary election and the party dazed by the extent of beating the old man Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo gave to the young, energetic, well-resourced John Dramani Mahama consulted some elders of the party under the leadership of the Economic maestro Dr. Kwesi Botchway to find out what caused their gargantuan defeat.

The K. Botchway committee sometime in June submitted their report (KB Report) to the leadership of the party. Knowing the explosive exposé in the report, their leadership decided to keep the report in the vault of the $20m plush modern headquarters of the party.

Someway somehow, the report is out and the NDC leadership themselves are amazed about how the report managed to move from the well secured, security tight, well locked ‘underground’ vault to the doors of the media.

In an attempt to shift the pole, some communicators of the party rushed to say the leaked report was fake. Interestingly, the leadership of the party have gone loudly dumb on the report.

Realizing the ‘fake chorus’ was not resonating with the good people of Ghana, they have now decided to shift the attention from fake to ‘how does the report keep food on my table?’

Really? Even if it didn’t put food on my table nor construct the road from Cape Coast Pedu Junction to my village Twifu Heman, “how a sitting president and a ruling party lost an election in such a miserable manner must interest everyone, voters inclusive. This party was until 10months ago, governing us. So why on earth will their things not interest me nor be a bread and butter matter? The lies told us in the name of politics are being exposed and you say it is needless?”(Kwame Gyan, 2017)

Interestingly, after the defeat of the NPP in the 2008 election, Dr. Arthur Kennedy, then director of communication for the Akufo-Addo campaign wrote his book ‘Chasing the elephant into the bush’. Every single dot, comma, how a ‘t’ was crossed from cover to cover was subjected to extensive scrutiny by the then NDC and the media. The media then were not cabals but are cabals against the NDC now(Such irony). Every single NDC communicator treated the book as only next to the Holy Quran or the Holy Bible and was more important at the time than any book majority of them had to read for their examination.

A complete figment of someone’s imagination deserved our time, space and attention and you tell me a report put together by a group of well to do, competent men should be thrown into the gutters because it is about the NDC and not any other party? Masa! Gyae saa.

Just as the sun was so shall the rain be. The #KBReport shall be given the needed attention it deserves. And oh, will someone spur us that it is not the true report? Then the NDC Eastern Regional Chairman Tawiah Boateng, former minister of Communication, Hon. Edward Omane Boamah need the report, can you make your so called original out? Okay, why doesn’t the party take legal action against the media houses discussing the report then? Please spur us the gimmicks.

Just as ‘Chasing elephant into the bush’ was treated, so shall the KB report be treated. ‘What can come can come.’

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