Chase Talent Not Money – Daniel Adusei

It’s disheartening and pathetic to see the youth of today takes delight in chasing for money instead of their God- given talent. They hold the view that money answers everything as it was said by the preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem. They are crazy for quick money leading to various vices like armed robbery, drugs, Fraud, and Internet scamming, “Sakawa” and ritual money. The question we need to answer, does money answer all things? If it does why is it that money could not bring King Solomon back to life when he passed away?

I have come to realize that the easiest thing in life is to get money provided we chase our God-given talent. When we identify our talent money follows. Money comes automatically when one unearths and utilizes his/her talent. Talent is like a bag provided by God containing all your treasure, so if one looks for money without identifying his/her talent is to toil in vein, leading to life struggles, frustration, depression and suicide. Bill Gates, Mr .Kwabena Kessie,Mr Kwame Despite, Mr. Dangote, Rev Mensah Otabil, Rev Akwasi Awuah and many others who identified their talent are followed by riches. The youth must seek God’s guidance to identify their talent. When David the father of Solomon in the Bible identified his talent he became rich even though he was still a shepherd.

Galamsey, Vigilantes arise because the youth have not identified their God –given talent, but have buried them. Anyone who buries his/her talent would have to account to God one day. Many believe that Politics is a fast track to riches and even medical doctors, lawyers and many others are into politics as a means of getting rich. Talent is anything you can do without any difficulty. Teachers are not only in class to teach but also to unearth talents and develop the talents of their students. Parents must also allow children to pursue careers of their choice. Government should also assist those who have identified their talents financially so as to develop their talent. Pastors must also create welfares responsible for identifying and developing talents not for only funerals and birthdays.

I know a man who read medicine because his parents wanted him to do so, but not practice it and he is now a good actor in the Nigerian movie industry. According to him he was the best medical student, but he listened to his friend’s advice after taking part in a drama show to consider acting as his profession. This clearly shows that most Ghanaians are good soldiers in the wrong camp. Ones wisdom, strength or intelligence cannot be used to identify his/her talent except you ask the one who gives the talent ( God) that is why the scripture tells us to “ seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things including money will be added unto us”. I presume with this article Pastors, Preachers and counselors will rise up and lead in the fight against this social canker of poverty. And the youth should understand that without identifying their God-given talent money will never chase them, but they will rather chase money and they will not get it because God has put all their treasure in their talent.

I conclude by saying that except those who have sold their souls for money and are prepared to go to hell if they do not turn over a new leaf. All those who have money have identified their God-given talent. Your talent could be in singing, acting, boxing, swimming, dancing, writing, athletics, soccer etc. The Holy Spirit the unseen stage director is there to help you identify your God –given talent.


Daniel Adusei (Oshegu)/Dadease SHS & Global Professional Studies