Charge tourists who visit Antoa Nyamaa shrine – Residents to chief

Residents of Antoa in Kwabre East district of Ashanti region has urged the chief of area to charge tourist who entered the Antoa Nyamaa shrine.

They say, this will help to develop the community infrastructures like, schools, hospital, market, guesthouse and more.

Speaking to Anthony Akudago, the Assemblyman of the area hon. Isaac Owusu Amponsah indicated that It will create jobs opportunities for the youth and this will reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

Antoa Nyamaa is a popular river god deity with its shrine located at Antoa in the Ashanti Region

The founding of Antoa is attributed to Ampoma, the younger of the twins of Adwoa Birago, ancestress of the Asene clan. It is said that Ampoma had a daughter named Bua Dadom, and two sons namely, Boansi Kofo and Damfo Amanfo. The latter died at Amakom, while the former left Amakom together with his sister and founded Adomanu. He became the first chief of Adomanu. The story indicates that Nana Sarkodie of the Asene clan came from Wonoo to join the Asene people at Adomanu during the reign of Nana Boansi Kofo and King Obiri Yeboa of Kumase. It is as accepted fact that Nana Boansi agreed to change the name Adomanu to Antoa to signify ‘the coming together of the two elders on one land.”

“Antoa Nyamaa: This is a shrine harboured in a small stream called Asuo Nyamaa in a village called Antoa some seven miles away from Kumasi. It is a very renowned deity and people in the Ashanti Region very often use it for duabɔ ‘grievance imprecation’ and nsedie ‘assertive self-imprecatory oaths’.”